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Get Involved Guide

Download our #WOCD2022 Get Involved Guide on ways you can engage with this year’s campaign!

Campaign Materials

The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition is happy for you to download, use, and share these resources.


Plan your activity

Participating in World Ovarian Cancer Day couldn’t be easier! By participating you have the power to make a difference in the lives of women you know and love – and people from all around the world.  Ovarian cancer has the lowest survival rates of all female cancers because there are often delays in diagnosis. Awareness about the symptoms is low and they are often confused with those of other, less severe, illnesses.

It can be as simple as a social media post, encouraging others to learn and share information about ovarian cancer. Maybe you want to have a Teal party with friends or at work? Get everyone to have some fun with teal outfits and accessories – and, of course, post it for more awareness. Create your own signs, posters, etc., with our downloadable graphics found in the Campaign Materials section above, and then add your personal touch. By taking part in World Ovarian Cancer Day, you can help to improve survival by increasing awareness of symptoms and the need for more research.  Together we can reach our goal of #NoWomanLeftBehind

Join the social campaign

From the first hours of May 8 in New Zealand to sunset in Hawaii, World Ovarian Cancer Day lives on social media. But we start to share World Ovarian Cancer Day resources and materials weeks in advance. Our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds are full of updates to like and share with your networks. Content is added year-round as well, so make sure you follow us on all our social media channels and get the latest information and join the conversation!


Join a local organization

We know the power of working together. Close to 200 ovarian cancer patient organizations from around the world work together, year-round, as partners of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

Each year on May 8th on World Ovarian Cancer Day, we come together and raise our voices in unison to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and the need for global action to tackle this disease for every woman, no matter where she lives.

Use this directory to find an organization in your area that you can work with to strengthen the impact we all can have.