London Global Cancer Week


In partnership with the International Gynecologic Cancer Society, and clinical leads in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC), the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition is undertaking a novel and expansive research study documenting the experiences of women with ovarian cancer in these settings.  Some 70% of women with the disease live in LMICs, and with cases set to rise by almost 40% by 2040, and mortality by 50%, developing countries will see the biggest increases.

Incidence and Mortality are set to increase 36.6% and 47.6% (information accessed July 26, 2021)

From the women’s knowledge of ovarian cancer prior to diagnosis, the route they took to diagnosis, their experience and impact of the diagnosis and treatment on them and their families, to their priorities for future action, the study is designed to provide participating countries with robust and comparative data for their setting, as a means to informing and driving advocacy efforts to bring about improvements to survival and quality of life.

With 24 countries participating, 125 clinical sites involved, and surveys in 31 languages in multiple formats, data collection has already begun, and will continue till June 2023. But already, there are early signs that the study is already driving initiatives, collaborations, and interactions with health policy makers with positive effect.

Locations for the Every Woman Study™ LMIC Edition


Join us at our London Global Cancer Week webinar, where we will have a variety of speakers, presentations, videos and discussion, together with the opportunity to ask questions of the study team. Content will include:

  • The development of the study, and learnings to date
  • Overcoming equity challenges to ensure those with least resource can participate
  • Experiences of those providing treatment for women with ovarian cancer in LMICs, what are the biggest barriers to progress?
  • Early outcomes from the study
  • The importance of collaboration

Participants included:

  • Clara MacKay: CEO, World Ovarian Cancer Coalition
  • Mary Eiken: CEO, International Gynecologic Cancer Society
  • Frances Reid: Every Woman Study Lead, World Ovarian Cancer Coalition
  • Dr Afrin Fatima Shaffi, Clinician, Moi Teaching Referral Hospital, Kenya
  • Dr Aisha Mustapha, Clinician, Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria
  • Dr Tracey Adams, Gynecologic Oncologist, Groote Schuur Hospital
  • Professor Woo Yin Ling (Clinician) and Yoon Sook Yee (research nurse), University of Malaya Medical Centre, Malaysia
  • Anmol Bajwa: Researcher, World Ovarian Cancer Coalition