What is World Ovarian Cancer Day?

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May 8 – World Ovarian Cancer Day

Established in 2013 by a group of leaders from ovarian cancer advocacy organizations around the world, May 8 – World Ovarian Cancer Day, is the one day of the year we globally raise our voices in solidarity in the fight against ovarian cancer.

While the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition works on many fronts, World Ovarian Cancer Day is our flagship awareness-raising initiative, and is the key date in our calendar. Supported by close to 200 organizations from around the world, our social media reach grows exponentially every year, with 2022 directly reaching close to 28 million up from over eighteen million in 2021 and 3 million in 2020. Our partner organizations, as small as kitchen table-based patient advocacy groups in rural communities, to national healthcare associations based in major metropolitan areas, all come together as one to raise awareness about the disease – and in 2022 their extended reach of the Day was again over 100 million.