Ovarian Cancer Key Stats*


According to Globocan’s 2022 projections, by 2050, the number of women around the world diagnosed with ovarian cancer will rise over 55% to 503,448. The number of women dying from ovarian cancer each year is projected to increase to 350,956 an increase of almost 70% from 2022.

Five-year ovarian cancer survival rates vary between countries. For example, in more developed countries, current rates range from 36% to 46%. However, in some countries the figure is much lower. Overall, survival rates fall well below that for other cancers, like breast cancer, where five-year survival rates in many countries are close to 90%.

Ovarian cancer is a global concern and much more needs to be done to tackle this disease on all fronts. Based on previous Globocan 2020 mortality rates, if nothing changes, it is estimated that over four million women will die from ovarian cancer worldwide. The majority of lives lost will be from low- and middle-income countries where 70% of those diagnosed live.

*Figures in boxes from Globocan 2022.  Figures in graphics are approximate.  Full details of Globocan’s projections can be found on their Cancer Tomorrow website.