From Evidence to Action
Our 5-Year Strategy


The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition’s ground-breaking 5-year strategy was launched in the Autumn of 2023. This comprehensive strategy is poised to foster the creation of a world where everyone with, or at risk of, ovarian cancer has the best chance of survival and the best quality of life possible, no matter where they live. As the only global advocacy organization dedicated solely to addressing this devastating disease, the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition will harness this unique position to drive profound and equitable change worldwide.

2023-2028 World Ovarian Cancer Coalition StrategyThe Strategy sets plans for a multifaceted approach directed at filling evidence gaps,  mobilising stakeholders, raising awareness, and securing sustainable support for its ambition to see ovarian cancer recognised as a global public health priority.

The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition’s 5-year strategy is built upon four core goals:

  1. Prevention: Recognizing that about 20% of women with ovarian cancer have a genetic mutation that may be inherited, the Coalition aims to ensure that everyone, everywhere, knows their family history and has access to genetic testing and counseling. This proactive approach empowers women to take measures to reduce their risk through surveillance or risk-reduction measures, including surgery.
  2. Awareness & Health Literacy: While increasing awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms is vital for early diagnosis, health literacy remains a significant challenge, particularly among women with limited access to information. The Coalition’s goal is to enhance global awareness of ovarian cancer, offering information on risk reduction, prevention, the importance of rapid diagnosis, and the need for optimal care.
  3. Access to Rapid Diagnosis & Best Treatments: Access to experienced surgeons in high-volume centers and participation in clinical trials are pivotal for improving ovarian cancer survival rates. The Coalition will strive for equitable access to rapid diagnosis and the best possible treatment, irrespective of geographical and socioeconomic factors.
  4. Data & Evidence: Data is crucial for understanding ovarian cancer’s impact and guiding effective policies. Many countries lack comprehensive data on the disease, inhibiting the development of evidence-based plans. The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition’s objective is to fill these information voids through global, national, and local efforts, including the improvement of cancer registries.

The Coalition’s strategic pathways include:

  1. Thought Leadership: The Coalition will convene a Global Advisory Council and Global Summit involving leading ovarian cancer clinicians and advocates to develop a shared global vision and action plan, based on new evidence generated by the Coalition and other experts worldwide.
  2. Global Advocacy: The Coalition will conduct research to identify opportunities for progress in prevention, rapid diagnosis, and access to quality care. Partnerships with global health and government agencies will mobilize support for integrating ovarian cancer objectives into existing health initiatives.
  3. Awareness: Compelling messaging will educate and empower those living with, or at risk of, ovarian cancer, emphasizing the significance of family history, genetic testing, and the importance of a more rapid diagnosis. The Coalition will engage advocacy partners, celebrities, and ambassadors to amplify key messages, secure multi-year corporate support for World Ovarian Cancer Day, and expand its network of ambassadors worldwide.
  4. Growing the Grassroots: Advocacy partners will be empowered with high-quality resources and tools to fill knowledge gaps and facilitate collaboration. The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition will actively involve them in developing and implementing initiatives and promoting the sharing of best practices.

The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition is committed to working on behalf of all those impacted by this disease and making ovarian cancer a global priority. We will drive profound and equitable change – by generating evidence to better understand the experiences of those affected by ovarian cancer and convening stakeholders from around the world to agree on a shared vision of the future of ovarian cancer. As the only global advocacy organisation focused on this disease we will amplify and strengthen the voices of the ovarian cancer community – from raising awareness through high-quality resources and targeted messaging, to securing multi-year corporate support for World Ovarian Cancer Day and raising our profile usingcelebrities and ambassadors around the world.

Using these strategic approaches, we WILL create a world where everyone with or at risk of ovarian cancer has the best chance of survival and the best quality of life possible, no matter where they live.