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Formally established in 2016, the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition is the only global not-for-profit focused on ovarian cancer. Working with close to 200 patient advocacy organizations around the world, the Coalition is determined that everyone living with, or at risk of, ovarian cancer has the best chance of survival and the best quality of life possible, no matter where they live.

The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition builds on the significant impact of the annual flagship ovarian cancer awareness campaign – World Ovarian Cancer Day, started in 2013 and our ground-breaking Every Woman Study™ published in 2018. Building on the Study, the Coalition launched the Global Ovarian Cancer Charter in 2020. The Charter, a living document, pivots around six Global Goals and is a clear call-to-action for all those committed to improving survival and quality of life for women with ovarian cancer.

In 2022, in partnership with the International Gynecologic Cancer Society the Coalition launched the Every Woman Study™: Low- and Middle-Income Edition which will detail the lived experiences of women living with a diagnosis in close to 24 countries. Results from this Study are due in 2024.

Concurrent with the next generation of the Every Woman Study™, the Coalition is also undertaking an Ovarian Cancer Cost-of-Illness Study. Working with RTI International, this Study will look at 11 high- to low-income countries, quantifying the cost of ovarian cancer on healthcare systems, as well as looking at the impact of those with ovarian cancer out of paid and unpaid roles as a result of ill health. The low- and middle-income countries in this Study will map over some of the countries involved in the Every Woman Study™: Low- and Middle-Income Edition, providing a robust case for change at national and international levels.

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