Get Involved WOCD2024


Last year, we celebrated the 11th World Ovarian Cancer Day, and it was a phenomenal success thanks to your support! Our outreach on social media channels alone touched over 200 million people, an incredible achievement amplified manyfold by the tireless efforts of our partner organizations and sponsors (a mention by Angelina Jolie did not hurt either!)

As we progress to #WOCD2024, we continue to embrace our multi-year campaign theme, “No Woman Left Behind.” To enhance your participation, we have updated our “Get Involved Guide” which you can access below.

In addition to our tools and resources, please sign and share our petition to the World Health Organization. Latest projections indicate that 8 million lives will be lost to ovarian cancer by 2050 and we are calling on the WHO and global health leaders to recognise ovarian cancer as a global priority. You can see the whole letter with the petition form here, or you can simply add your name below.

WOCD 2024 Toolkit


This year we have compiled all of our resources on a handy Trello site. You can access Save the Date Posts, Customisable Artwork, Posters, and more by clicking here, or any of the links in the above Guide.

Be sure to tag us on social (@OvCancerDay on X, and @WorldOvarianCancerDay on Facebook/Instagram) and use our campaign hashtags #NoWomanLeftBehind #WOCD2024 #WorldOvarianCancerDay.

If you would like to help one of your local organizations’ with their World Ovarian Cancer Day activities, you can find a list here.