One Woman Health: Opportunities to Benefit All Women


The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition works with a diverse group of nearly 200 patient advocacy organizations from around the world. Many of these organizations focus on ovarian cancer – but many have an interest more broadly in women’s cancers and/or women’s health. This special event held on June 23, 2022 explored the social and economic detriments that undermine access to good health for women – and the opportunities that may exist to work together to achieve change for women in relation to ovarian cancer and/or other health concerns.

Here are the initiatives and organizations mentioned in the video above:

  1. Global Breast Cancer Initiative
  2. UICC International Taskforce on Cervical Cancer Elimination in the Commonwealth
  3. WHO Cervical Cancer Elimination Initiative
  4. IGCS Mentorship and Training Programme
  5. WOCACA – Women’s Coalition Against Cancer
  6. Campaigning 4 Cancer Guide App
  7. WHO Be Health Be Mobile Initiative
  8. ACTO Onlus

Thank you to our sponsors for helping to make this event possible