Every Woman Study™


The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition Every Woman Study™ was undertaken to address the evidence gap relating to the experiences of woman with ovarian cancer around the world. Our objective was simple: to identify what needs to be done to tackle this deadly disease to ensure that every woman with ovarian cancer has the best chance of survival, and the best quality of life – wherever she may live.

Input from over 1,500 women from 44 countries makes the Every Woman Study™ the largest global survey of its kind that has ever been completed. Guided by an International Expert Advisory Panel every step along the way, and with contributions from our World Ovarian Cancer Coalition patient advocacy partner organizations as well as 37 clinicians from 15 countries, this landmark survey offers powerful insights into the experiences of women living with an ovarian cancer diagnosis and the challenges and opportunities facing the global ovarian cancer community.

The Every Woman Study™ results highlight a number of critical areas of focus, including:

  1. The need to raise overall awareness of the disease and its symptoms
  2. The importance of family history and access to genetic testing
  3. The need for access to specialist treatment and clinical trials
  4. The need for access to the support and information patients and their families need

It also found that no one country has all the answers. The Every Woman Study™ shows there are significant opportunities to improve survival and quality of life for women in the immediate and short term by addressing variations between countries and promoting best practices where they fit.