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I am delighted to invite applications for the Board of Directors of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition. Established in 2016, the Coalition is the only global not-for-profit focused solely on ovarian cancer. We work across the globe, in collaboration with 200 patient advocacy organizations, to achieve our Vision of a world where everyone living with, or at risk of, ovarian cancer has the best chance of survival and the best quality of life possible, no matter where they live.

In 2024 we are seeking to appoint up to three dynamic and visionary new Directors who share our commitment to health equity and our passion to change the course of this extremely challenging disease. You will play an integral role in implementation of our 5-year Strategic Plan From Evidence to Action and in determining our future direction and priorities.

The Coalition is strongly committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, including geographical diversity. We welcome applications from candidates who will help ensure our Board represents a genuine global perspective and who can contribute to the further diversification of ideas. We also encourage applications from individuals who have a lived experience of cancer and who can bring the patient perspective to the table.

We are especially interested in applications from individuals who possess a strong background in the following areas:

  • Fundraising and Philanthropy: demonstrated track record of developing and implementing fundraising strategies, ideally with a strong, global network of individuals and organizations committed to making a positive impact.
  • Financial and Business Management: demonstrated experience and acumen required to oversee the financial health and sustainability of the Coalition – with a recognised accounting qualification/certification.
  • Digital Transformation: experience and knowledge in the application of digital technology to  solve health problems and drive engagement, especially in the area of evolving technologies.

This Director Recruitment Pack should provide all of the information you need to apply for the Board of Directors role. However, if you have any questions or would like more information do not hesitate to contact our CEO, Clara MacKay at

Yours sincerely,

Annwen Jones OBE,
Chair, World Ovarian Cancer Coalition

Board of Directors Role Description

The purpose of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition Board is to provide strategic, financial, and governance oversight of the management and operations of the organization. Click here to download the complete role description.

How to Apply

If, after reading this information you decide to apply to join our Board as a Director, please send the following to

      • a full and up-to-date CV.
      • a covering letter on no more than two sides of A4 (letter-size) clearly setting out, in line with the person specification, what you can bring to the role.
      • name and contact details for two referees – references will only be contacted after the interview process and only for successful candidates.

Closing Date & Interviews

The closing date for submission of completed applications is 15 March 2024, midnight UTC.

Interviews will be scheduled April 15th-19th.

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What is the term of appointment for Board Directors?

Director appointments are initially for a term of 3- years. Upon completion of this term, Directors are eligible to be appointed for one additional 3-year term. Officers (Chair and Vice-Chair) may serve additional terms of up to 2-years as Past-Chair and 1-year as Past Vice-Chair.

How many positions are available?

We are seeking to appoint up to 3 new Directors in this recruitment round.

Where do I submit my application?

All applications must be submitted via email to

When will appointments to the Board be made?

The selection process for Director roles will take place between February-April with offers for the role made by May 2024. All applicants will be advised via email of the outcome of their application. We are anticipating that the appointees will be available to join Board meetings from June 2024. The formal term for Director appointments commences from the annual AGM which is in December.

Who will be considering my application?

Initially the Board’s Nominations Committee will consider the applications and make shortlisting recommendations to the Board. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed to allow further assessment against the criteria. All appointments are made by the Board.

How will my application be assessed?

The Nominations Committee will look at which candidates have the most suitable skills and experience for appointment. The factors that are considered when assessing applications include:

        • Attributes
        • Professional experience/expertise
        • Community involvement/activities
        • Board/Committee experience
        • Skill-sets identified by the Board as key areas of interest (fundraising, finance and digital)
        • Diversity considerations such as gender, disability, geographic spread, cultural 

Will any training or induction be provided for new Directors?

All newly appointed Directors will be required to complete a formal induction program. This program will take approximately 10-hours to complete and will include online and in-person sessions.

Are Director roles remunerated?

Director roles are voluntary, so remuneration is not paid. Where the Coalition requires Directors to travel on business, travel and accommodation expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with the Coalition travel expenses policy.

Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

If you have any questions or require more information about the Board of Director roles, please contact our CEO Clara McKay at

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About Us

Formally established in 2016, the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition is the only global not-for-profit focused on ovarian cancer. Working with close to 200 patient advocacy organizations around the world, the Coalition is committed to ensuring that everyone living with, or at risk of, ovarian cancer has the best chance of survival and the best quality of life possible, no matter where they live. A key call to action is recognition of ovarian cancer as a global health priority. 

SInce our establishment in 2016, the Coalition has built on the significant impact of our annual flagship ovarian cancer awareness campaign – World Ovarian Cancer Day, which in 2023 reached 200m people and was supported by prominent advocates and celebrities from around the world. Our ground-breaking Every Woman Study™ published in 2018, remains the single largest global study of the experiences of women living with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. 

In 2022, in partnership with the International Gynecologic Cancer Society the Coalition began work on the Every Woman Study™: Low- and Middle-Income Edition. This patient experience Study is currently being undertaken in 22 LMICs.  Outcomes of this Study and a further piece of work, the Ovarian Cancer Cost-of-Illness Study that is quantifying the cost of ovarian cancer to health care systems and national economies in 11 countries, are due out late 2024.  All of this work is undertaken in a way that allows us to advocate for change at the global level and empowers our partner organizations to advocate nationally and regionally. 

While some of the information on this page is duplicated from the rest of this website for your convenience and easy reference, you are encouraged to review all the pages on our website as they give a comprehensive view of the Coalition and our activities. You can access our social media channels, YouTube channel and LinkedIn page by clicking those icons at the top of every page.

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Vision, Mission, and Values

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Current Board

Meet our international Board of Directors

Emeritus Directors and Advisors

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Launched in 2023, the objective of our Ambassador Programme is to raise awareness of ovarian cancer, help tackle low health literacy, and empower women around the world.

Our Ambassadors are high profile, influential women in their own countries and beyond. Where Ambassadors are strong cancer advocates, they will work with us on other activities like the Every Woman Study™: Low- and Middle-Income Edition and Cost-of-Illness Study.

Current Ambassadors include Her Excellency Dr. Zainab Shinkafi-Bagudu, first lady of Kebbi State in Nigeria; Her Excellency Dorothy N’yongo, First Lady of Kisumu State, Kenya; and Dr. Deborah Harkness, New York Times Bestselling Author, Scholar, and ovarian cancer survivor.

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Our Team

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About Ovarian Cancer

‘Ovarian cancer’ is not a singular diagnosis, rather it is an umbrella term for a multitude of different types of cancer that affect the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the primary peritoneal cavity. It is estimated that there are more than 30 different types of ovarian cancer, and there is a very wide variation in incidence and outlook in terms of the different types.

Ovarian cancer is the most lethal of the female cancers for which there is no reliable screening test, and every person assigned female at birth is at risk.  With delays in diagnoses due to this lack of screening and because symptoms are often confused with other, less severe, illness, most people are diagnosed once the cancer has already spread, making it more difficult to treat. While every woman is at risk, ovarian cancer is overlooked and underfunded.

According to Globocan’s 2022 projections, by 2050, the number of women around the world diagnosed with ovarian cancer will rise over 55% to 503,448. The number of women dying from ovarian cancer each year is projected to increase to 350,956 an increase of almost 70% from 2022.

Five-year ovarian cancer survival rates vary between countries. For example, in more developed countries, current rates range from 36% to 46%. However, in some countries the figure is much lower. Overall, survival rates fall well below that for other cancers, like breast cancer, where five-year survival rates in many countries are close to 90%.

Ovarian cancer is a global concern and much more needs to be done to tackle this disease on all fronts. Based on Globocan’s 2022 mortality rates, if nothing changes, it is estimated that over four million women will die from ovarian cancer worldwide. The majority of lives lost will be from low- and middle-income countries where 70% of those diagnosed live.

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5-Year Strategic Plan: From Evidence to Action

2023-2028 World Ovarian Cancer Coalition StrategyThe World Ovarian Cancer Coalition’s ground-breaking 5-year strategy was launched in the Autumn of 2023. This comprehensive strategy is poised to foster the creation of a world where everyone with, or at risk of, ovarian cancer has the best chance of survival and the best quality of life possible, no matter where they live. As the only global advocacy organization dedicated solely to addressing this devastating disease, the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition will harness this unique position to drive profound and equitable change worldwide.

The Strategy sets plans for a multifaceted approach directed at filling evidence gaps,  mobilising stakeholders, raising awareness, and securing sustainable support for its ambition to see ovarian cancer recognised as a global public health priority.

The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition’s 5-year strategy is built upon four core goals:

  1. Prevention: Recognizing that about 20% of women with ovarian cancer have a genetic mutation that may be inherited, the Coalition aims to ensure that everyone, everywhere, knows their family history and has access to genetic testing and counseling. This proactive approach empowers women to take measures to reduce their risk through surveillance or risk-reduction measures, including surgery.
  2. Awareness & Health Literacy: While increasing awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms is vital for early diagnosis, health literacy remains a significant challenge, particularly among women with limited access to information. The Coalition’s goal is to enhance global awareness of ovarian cancer, offering information on risk reduction, prevention, the importance of rapid diagnosis, and the need for optimal care.
  3. Access to Rapid Diagnosis & Best Treatments: Access to experienced surgeons in high-volume centers and participation in clinical trials are pivotal for improving ovarian cancer survival rates. The Coalition will strive for equitable access to rapid diagnosis and the best possible treatment, irrespective of geographical and socioeconomic factors.
  4. Data & Evidence: Data is crucial for understanding ovarian cancer’s impact and guiding effective policies. Many countries lack comprehensive data on the disease, inhibiting the development of evidence-based plans. The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition’s objective is to fill these information voids through global, national, and local efforts, including the improvement of cancer registries.

The Coalition’s strategic pathways include:

  1. Thought Leadership: The Coalition will convene a Global Advisory Council and Global Summit involving leading ovarian cancer clinicians and advocates to develop a shared global vision and action plan, based on new evidence generated by the Coalition and other experts worldwide.
  2. Global Advocacy: The Coalition will conduct research to identify opportunities for progress in prevention, rapid diagnosis, and access to quality care. Partnerships with global health and government agencies will mobilize support for integrating ovarian cancer objectives into existing health initiatives.
  3. Awareness: Compelling messaging will educate and empower those living with, or at risk of, ovarian cancer, emphasizing the significance of family history, genetic testing, and the importance of a more rapid diagnosis. The Coalition will engage advocacy partners, celebrities, and ambassadors to amplify key messages, secure multi-year corporate support for World Ovarian Cancer Day, and expand its network of ambassadors worldwide.
  4. Growing the Grassroots: Advocacy partners will be empowered with high-quality resources and tools to fill knowledge gaps and facilitate collaboration. The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition will actively involve them in developing and implementing initiatives and promoting the sharing of best practices.

The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition is committed to working on behalf of all those impacted by this disease and making ovarian cancer a global priority. We will drive profound and equitable change – by generating evidence to better understand the experiences of those affected by ovarian cancer and convening stakeholders from around the world to agree on a shared vision of the future of ovarian cancer. As the only global advocacy organisation focused on this disease we will amplify and strengthen the voices of the ovarian cancer community – from raising awareness through high-quality resources and targeted messaging, to securing multi-year corporate support for World Ovarian Cancer Day and raising our profile usingcelebrities and ambassadors around the world.

Using these strategic approaches, we WILL create a world where everyone with or at risk of ovarian cancer has the best chance of survival and the best quality of life possible, no matter where they live.

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2023 World Ovarian Cancer Coalition Atlas

The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition Atlas 2023 is a comprehensive literature review identifying the global trends in incidence, mortality, and survival of this disease which continues to have the highest mortality rate of all the female cancers. Whilst there have been an encouraging number of new studies on ovarian cancer in the years since the Coalition’s first edition of the Atlas, the need to make the disease a global priority is as urgent as ever.

Click to download the Executive Summary or the Full Atlas.

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The official regulations of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition Board can be downloaded here.  Link will open in new tab.

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The official by-laws of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition can be downloaded here.  Link will open in new tab.

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The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition’s fiscal year runs from July 1 – June 30. For the June 30, 2023 unaudited financial statements click here.

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Code of Conduct

A code of conduct and ethics policy establishes a framework for influencing and monitoring the responsible and ethical discharge of the Board of Directors individual and collective responsibilities.  The code of conduct can be downloaded here Link will open in new tab.

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Conflict of Interest

All Directors have a duty to avoid conflicts of interest. Click here for the Coalition’s Conflict of Interest Policy.

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