Women are going 8 months before finding out they have this cancer

It kills 1 woman every 10 hours – why is the diagnosis taking so long?

Women Are Going For Up To Eight Months Before Being Diagnosed With This Cancer

Fact: around 1,600 Australians will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year.

It’s an alarming statistic, but what’s worse is that for 9 out of 10 women, the disease will be caught at an advanced stage. The reason? Less than half of all sufferers will visit their GP when they first notice symptoms, according to a new study commissioned by the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

Canberra Times: ‘There’s an awful lot of us’: The symptoms women need to know

Diane Gardiner considers herself to be very lucky to be alive.

The Melburnian did not have “the foggiest” about the seriousness of the symptoms she was experiencing. Her GP didn’t either.